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Why Facebook E-Commerce Sellers Dislike e-Packet?

As we all know, e-packet was one of the most commonly used shipping channels for e-commerce business owners who buy from China and sell to customers worldwide. Shipping products from China directly to end customers in USA, Russia, Japan, UK and other 31 countries via E-packet has saved online merchants shipping rate a lot more than by international express. But why an increasing number of e-shop owners, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Ebay, are complaining about e-packet publicly on Facebook?

Untracked” and “slow delivery” has become the obvious marks in E-packet which are making sellers disappointed at the once-popular shipping channel. I listed below major reasons.


1. UPU (Universal Postal Union) has been on a tight financial budget for years and finally decided to increase postage rate starting from January 2018. Unluckily China Post is the first country to be forced to increase international shipping rate, because most of packages being shipped into other countries are from China. E-package registration rate increased from 8 CNY to 10 CNY per parcel to a few countries. Average increasing rate is 10%, which is a huge amount for big sellers who ship over 1000 parcels out of China each day!

2.Long long inter-station shipping. China Post has many branch stations in every city. Some major e-packet stations are located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Changsha and Chongqing. These cities are quite far away from each other. If the sellers’ products are shipped via ChangSha e-packet due to a lower shipping rate than other stations, then the supplier in Shenzhen will have to ship products to Shenzhen location first, and then wait 1-3 more days (sometimes longer than 5 days) before the parcel is transferred to Changsha. During the domestic shipping procedure, no detailed tracking information is provided.

3.Freezing tracking status. e-packet online tracking is always far delayed than actual shipping status. Even the parcel is actually being shipped through three different cities in five days, e-packet tracking website keeps the same status for as long as 30 days or every longer.


4.No second-delivery service. If buyers’ address is incorrect, e-packet will not carry out a second delivery once the initial delivery is failed. The parcel will be returned back to China. So it’s very important for online sellers to double confirm consignee address with the buyer before products are shipped out.

Solution: On-line sellers use Direct Line Shipping instead


Direct Line means parcels are shipped from China directly to local airport, and then be transferred to buyer’s door via local post station. It’s 1-2 days from Shenzhen airport to HK airport, and 1-2 more days from HK airport to local airport. Once parcel lands in local airport, domestic post station ships the parcel to the buyer’s door immediately. Total turnaround time is about 7-15 days.

Apart from fast delivery, Direct Line shipping offers other benefits as below.

1. Complete tracking service. Sellers can track each status during the whole shipping process from starting to the end. If the tracking website says that delivery fails due to incorrect address, the sellers can contact the buyer immediately informing him or her to contact local post for what to do.

2. Second-delivery is available. If parcel delivery failed for the first time due to incorrect address (or buyer is not at home), a second delivery service will be offered by local post as long as correct address is submitted from sellers.

3. Low rate. Direct line shipping rate is nearly the same as E-packet which is very reasonable and affordable.