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3 Days Shipping to US from China Costing $3 Only?

As a foreign teacher in a high school in China teaching the students English for years, David sometimes misses his parents in North Carolina. Apart from playing tennis with his friends on weekends, David has developed an interest of selling electronics and travelling gadgets on his Shopify store.

The goods are manufactured in China factories at a low cost, so theoretically the margin on shipped orders should be good . But David found that the long delivery time of shipping brought up many complaints and negative reviews by the buyers in US, EU and many other countries. He tried to use international Express shipping instead, like DHL/UPS/FEDEX, but the super-high shipping rate ate up over 80% of his margin, making selling online is very difficult and unprofitable

Fortunately, his worries and frustrations were all gone when he was recommended to use SPNS Logistics as his warehousing and shipping partner, by using the shipping channels picked by SPNS which are affordable and super fast. Now he can get good sales on Shopify every day and he is planning to launch his own brand on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in August.

* Here are some of David’s confusions and answers by SPNS *

Q1: Shipping from China to US, EU, AU and other countries can be fast and cheap?

Answer by SPNS

FAST: We are using Air Injection direct lines that each parcel is shipped from China directly to the airport in destination country. The last mile is dispatched by local post to the buyer’s door. The whole delivery time can be as fast as 3-5 days only.

CHEAP: It saves you a lot of shipping fee if your parcel is <3kg. For example, 100 gram to UK is about 4usd only including shipping fee, fulfilling fee and package bag fee.

Q2: Will my customer pay tax on his side?

Answer by SPNS: Almost all our shipping solutions are DDP (Delivered Duty Prepaid) service, so there is no any tax or tariff to be billed on your customer’s side.

Q3: As a starter, what is your MOQ?

Answer by SPNS: We support all small-scale businesses. Even you have only one sale per month, our team still takes good care of your order shipping and be on your service for any questions.

Q4: How do you charge on storage?

Answer by SPNS: We offer 60 days (two months) free storage to support you.

Q5: Why is DHL/UPS/Fedex Express shipping risky?

Answer by SPNS: We would suggest to you to be cautious using Express shipping. Because as long as the receiver (your customer) refused the parcel (or moved home), the parcel would possibly be returned by local DHL/UPS/Fedex to us at returning fee as high as 150 US dollars or more.

Q6: Can we track the parcel?

Answer by SPNS: Yes. Each of your order has a tracking code for your customer to track the full shipping route. And tracking code can be synced to your store before it’s automatically emailed to the buyer.

Q7: Can you integrate to our Shopify and Woocommerce store?

Answer by SPNS: Sure thing. It is free.

Q8:Can you ship my orders in 24 hours?

Answer by SPNS: Yes. We are open 6 days per week (Monday-Saturday). Any of your store orders are shipped in 24 hours. We are shipping 2000+ orders per day. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact

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May 17, 2022

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