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Labor Day Holiday Notice

SPNS logistics is closed from 1st to 3rd in May in 2021 for the Labor Day holiday, and resume to work on 4th.

2020 Best Year to Sell to New Zealand!

We'd been asked how fast shipping could be to New Zealand, as some of our customers are about to market to NZ. Fortunately our Direct...

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice

SPNS Logistics is closed on June 25th & 26th in 2020 for the Dragon Boat Festival, so if you need to ship any urgent orders please let me...


Tom Ford, who opened three Shopify stores selling hundreds of T-shirts per week into US, EU, Middle East and Asia. All the buyers loved...

He Received Red Bras and Shocked!

John Smith lives in New York. On June 12th he picked the parcel out of the mail box and had it opened, but found that they were three...

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