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New Cost-Saving Solution - Shipping from US/UK/AU

- Question by Customers

"We are about to ship our 20,000 orders from Kickstarter very soon. 60% of them are US orderes, and 20% US, 10% Australia.

We have two SKUs and each weighs 700 grams. Most orders includese 2 SKUs. The goods are manufactured in Guangzhou.

I know that shipping from China to destination countries is the fastest, but we see that the shipping rate is too high as our products are a bit heavy. The total fee would eat up our margin a lot.

Do you have any other shipping solutions at much lower cost thought delivery could be longer?"

- Answer from SPNS

Yes. Bulk shipping from China to US by sea first, and then forward to USPS and then transfer to all your buyers in US, saving you over 50% of shipping cost.

SPNS Cost-Saving Solution

As you can see, when shipping a 500 gram package, US-US shipping is way cheaper and faster than China-US shipping. If we can manage to ship your e-commerce orders from the base in US by using DHL eCommerce, UPS or USPS service, it will save you at least 40-50% shipping fee.

How does SPNS make savings happen?

Step 1

Customer informs factory to send all stock to SPNS warehouse in Shenzhen China. Upon stock being received, SPNS team starts to complete pick, pack and labelling work immediately, by packing goods up as per given order information from customers.

Step 2

SPNS team pack all finished packages into cartons and well label weight/sku/qty outside of each carton.

Step 3

SPNS team pack all cartons on pallets, and ship all stock to SPNS US location. And the packages would be submitted to DHL, Fedex or UPS post facilities for them to ship to the buyers. In 2-5 days only, all your buyers would be receiving their orders in good condition. For UK/US orders, it works in the same pattern.


This innovative solution can well save customers shipping cost, espcially for product weighing 600 grams or more, by scarificing delivery time by 20-30 days.

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