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New Service: Logo Print on Package & Thank You Card Print

Apart from order fulfilling and shipping service, we also provide below services  adding value to your brand.

  • Logo print on package bag

 Print logo on the shipping bag will let your buyers easily identify that the package comes from you. A decent package with company logo gives the buyers impression that the seller is a good reliable company, and he is more willing to place the next order from you. Also it's a good way to advertise your company name and brand, converting the "possible buyers" into "real buyers".

  • Thanks You Card Print

Add a thank you card into the package can raise satisfaction level from the buyers. As long as you send us PDF/AI format file of the card, SPNS team will print them out in only 1-2 days at super low cost.  

  1. Standard Thickness of card: 300g (about 0.42mm)

  2. Standard finish of card: Matty finish

  3. Two-size print

  4. Cost of cards: 20-30usd only for 1000 pcs (cost is different as per different sizes)

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