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He Received Red Bras and Shocked!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

John Smith lives in New York. On June 12th he picked the parcel out of the mail box and had it opened, but found that they were three bras instead of the VR glasses as he purchased on an online store. He was so shocked and disappointed! He contacted the seller asking why. The seller said the package was wrongly labelled with other client’s USPS waybill. But how could this be possible?

Yes, it is possible for sure.

Packages being shipped from China to United States need to be labelled with waybill before it’s dispatched. The shipper sticks the initial waybill onto the package (with their tracking number) for their internal processing, and then labels the USPS waybill covering the initial waybill. If they wrongly used John’s USPS waybill for other client’s package (say the bra customer’s) covering the initial waybill, the package would be delivered to John not the bra buyer. You can see below draft for better understanding.

SPNS Logistics is shipping thousands of packages weekly to United States via US Direct line shipping but NEVER had this issue.

How do we do?

SPNS team uses only ONE waybill for the package. The USPS waybill is the only package being used from starting through the whole shipping transit and until the package is delivered to recipients.

SPNS Advantages

  • No labelling exchanging

  • No wrongly labelling

  • Super fast shipping to United States

It means that if you are using SPNS Logistics as the order fulfilling center to ship your packages from China to United States, all your packages will be labelled with USPS waybill from the very beginning of the fulfilling. And the address, customer’s name and phone are correctly printed on the waybill of the correct package, and will never change in the whole shipping process! No mistakes! No customer complaints from your customers!

The package receiver gets a USPS tracking code immediately upon packages are dispatched from SPNS warehouse, and receives the package in 6-12 days only in general. Shipping updates can be checked from USPS tracking website (see below two examples)

So you can see that US Direct shipping by SPNS Logistics is super fast, super cost-effective and super secure. Herein we sumerize a few mostly aksed quetions and have them answered. If you have more questions, please email to

1. Is US Direct Line by SPNS Logistics cheap or not?

The cost is fair. To ship a 200 gram package is 4-5 US dollars only.

2. My product contains built-in battery. If this accepted?

Yes, products with built-in battery is accepted.

3. What is the delivery time?

6-12 days on average

4. Is your US Direct line tracked or not?

Fully tracked in whole shipping transit. You can use the USPS code to get latest update on USPS

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